We Treat Your Tires Like They're Our Own

Sunstate customers know they can rely on our fleet of trucks and heavy equipment to be in excellent working order -- this means tires, too. To do this, we have one of the most complete Tire Industry Association (TIA) Certified tire service operations in the industry.

With Sunstate’s Tire division, we make that service available to you, our customers, to help you keep your fleet on the road while saving you money and reducing the downtime associated with wear, flat tires and blowouts.

Working on tires

Standing in front of tires.


Whether you're replacing tires on commercial vehicles, industrial equipment, or construction equipment, our Tire Division has the right tires and tire services for you.

Our Tire Division offers the utmost in quality and value on a range of truck tires, equipment tires and tire service and repair, including:

  • Truck tire sales and service for your entire fleet
  • Inventory of all major brand commercial vehicle and equipment tires to better serve your needs
  • TyrFil - the latest in flat proofing technology - to extend the life of your tires
  • Service for all size truck tires from small industrial to large earthmover

We offer service for all major market segments including: construction, lumber building, warehousing, manufacturing and equipment dealerships. Sunstate also has mobile presses that will come to your location to ensure limited downtime on the job.